Revolution Beyond Payments

Driving Commerce from the Point of Sale

At RevuPay, we do more than process payments; we’re leading
a revolution that goes beyond mere financial transactions.

Our solutions redefine the point of sale by:

Empowering merchants to significantly boost business and increase revenue.

Elevating customer experience with convenient finance management.

Enhancing the quantity and quality of operations executed by acquirers and financial institutions.

With RevuPay, innovation and simplicity converge to move beyond conventional payments.

Why RevuPay?

Creating New Business Opportunities


Value-Added Solutions

  • Improves merchant acquisition
    and retention.


Lead Generation

  • New channel for business acquisition.

  • Qualified and segmented leads.


Integrated Value-Added Solutions

  • Improves acquisition through better commercial offerings.

  • Income defense in a low-differentiation product.


New business opportunities

  • Boost in sales.

  • Higher average ticket.

  • Traffic generation through new services.

  • Commission-based income on services.

  • Improved decision-making through
    data availability.


Sustainability and Social Impact

  • Solutions for small businesses.

  • Solutions for the “Emptied Spain”
    (rural depopulation)

  • Sustainable practices.

Innovate, Simplify, Revolutionize!

Getting Started with RevuPay

RevuPay offers three innovative applications: RevuPay 360, RevuCash, and RevuPost, designed to enhance your payment processing capabilities and customer experience. Here’s how you can get started:

Start here

 Final steps

Step 3: Go Live and Start Transacting

With everything in place, you’re ready to elevate your customer’s experience and expand your operational capabilities using RevuPay’s solutions.

Step 4: Continuous Support and Updates

Benefit from ongoing support and regular updates from RevuPay, helping you stay ahead in the competitive market and continuously improve your services.


Strategic and commercial partners

Featured Apps

Pay how you want. Easy. Fast.
Facilitates Payment With Any Method, Even Financing Purchases, All Centralized From The POS.

Transforms the merchant into a virtual ATM
Effortless cash flow management for merchants and instant cash access for customers.

Simple, Flexible, and Safe Money Transfers
Enables Effortless Sending Of Money, Both Domestically And Internationally, With Just A Quick POS Transaction.

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More than just payments
Discover a wide range of applications to provide a revolutionary experience

Revupay Excellence

Elevating Your Transaction Experience

  • Redefine the Point of Sale
    Elevate your business by redefining the traditional point of sale with our innovative solutions.

  • Lead Generation for Financial Entities
    Drive growth by accessing quality leads for financial entities, helping them expand their customer base.

  • Value-Added Solutions
    We provide acquirers with cutting-edge, value-added solutions that enhance their offerings in the market.

  • Data-Centric Solutions: Reporting, Traceability, Analytics
    Gain insights and make informed decisions with our data-centric solutions, including robust reporting and analytics.

  • New Forms of Income and Traffic for Merchants
    Revupay creates opportunities for merchants, offering new forms of income and increased foot traffic.

  • Social Impact: Sustainability and Support for Local Businesses
    Join us in making a positive impact on society through sustainable practices and support for local SMEs